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Nova Next-gen ADC

Nova ADC provides load balancing, acceleration and application security at massive scale. Whether you have one device – or one million – Nova is built for DevOps, micro-services and cloud-native.

What's more? Nova Community Edition is free for up to 5 deployed Nodes!

Time to level up


Active Nodes

Nova is a centralized platform for controlling ADCs at scale. Deploy, manage and view hundreds of ADCs from a central location in minutes.

ADC for modern applications

Nova is a hyperscale-ready, centralized platform for deploying, controlling and monitoring ADCs at scale.

It removes the cost and complexity from the data-plane, while shifting the value to the control-plane – enabling you to manage all your ADCs from a single, intelligent platform.

Nova provides dynamic, self-scaling ADC deployments capable of massive scale and automation, with a focus on the telemetry and quality of your services. It is time for a hyperscale-ready ADC that fits into the flexible fabric of applications and data.

Worried about an ADC failing? Nova will automatically recreate it.

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Complete ADC for multi-location distributed architectures

Nova runs everywhere

Nova runs anywhere
Reasons to use Nova

Why are businesses switching to Nova?

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Dynamic scalability

Auto-scale your ADC environment, and discover services in public clouds, cloud-native deployments and other service mesh technologies.

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Insightful Analytics

Nova collects detailed telemetry information from your applications to monitor errors, latency, server health, traffic and more – and then act on that data!

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ADC for DevOps

Nova is built for automation and modern deployments. Dynamic backends, REST APIs, cloud- and container-aware deployments, and more await you.

Nova is free for one ADC!

Nova is completely free for community users. Get started today!

Free ADC


Who is Nova for?

Nova is the solution for your ADC requirements – whether you are starting out or a hyperscale enterprise with hundreds or thousands of production load balancers. Learn more about Nova for your business below, or try it for free.

Easy to use and powerful

Nova offers you a quick and easy full ADC with security features that can be set up in minutes, and managed and monitored easily. Nova is completely free for up to 5 installations!

The most advanced ADC platform for large enterprise is also the best for startups!


Automation and discovery

Nova ADC has a full REST API and supports automated service discovery for clouds, K8S, Rancher, Docker, Consul and many more platforms. We have built this product specifically for DevOps environments.

As you scale out, rest assured Nova is ready for your next challenges!


Manage hundreds of ADCs

Nova ADC allows you to launch and control hundreds or thousands of ADCs from a central location. Automate and monitor your ADC infrastructure and see why we have so many Fortune 500 tech companies as clients.

We understand your needs today, and tomorrow. Future-proof your business with Nova ADC.


Nova ADC Videos

Take a look at how you can revolutionize your network.

Welcome to Nova

Watch our 10-minute product demonstration for a high-level overview.

Nova Destinations

See how the powerful Nova GSLB allows you to scale out globally and ensures your systems stay online.

Nova in DigitalOcean

A demo of deploying into DigitalOcean to use the Nova ADC for load balancing, web acceleration and WAF.


Nova has partnered with leading platform and tech visionaries to ensure the best experience and support.

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