About Nova ADC

Nova ADC provides load balancing, acceleration and application security at massive scale. From one to one million devices, it's built for DevOps, micro-services and cloud-native.

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The new way to ensure application delivery

Nova is ADC for the next-generation of deployments, products and DevOps engineers.

ADC for modern networks

Nova is a hyperscale-ready, centralized platform for deploying, controlling and monitoring ADCs at scale

It removes the value, cost and complexity in the data-plane and manages ADCs from a single deployment to thousands from its powerful control-plane.

Dynamic, self-scaling ADC deployments capable of massive scale and automation with a focus on the telemetry and quality of your services. Hyperscale-ready ADC that fits into the flexible fabric of applications and data.

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About the Company

Nova ADC is a Snapt, Inc. product, the leaders in modern ADC solutions.

  • Industry Leaders

    Snapt is known as the first cloud ADC, and Nova is the next generation of ADC as a service.

  • ADC Experience

    Snapt has been powering businesses like NASA, Target, MTV and more for over 7 years with the Snapt ADC.

  • Premium Support

    Snapt's global support time provide 24/7/365, in-house support for thousands of clients. They are available for all paid Nova clients.

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Nova has partnered with leading platform and tech visionaries in order to ensure the best experience and support.

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