Snapt Nova Billing is subscription based by default, and very easy to alter and use in production. We charge monthly based on a fixed Node amount, or your Node usage, plus an optional base "support" package fee.


Nova Nodes are always charged at $99 per month. These are pro-rated whenever possible to ensure you only pay for your actual usage. Bills occur on the first of the month, or when you subscribe.

Added to that amount is an optional base package which entitles you primarily to support, as well as further data retention and Destinations.

Base Packages

We have three Base Packages to choose from:


By default the Professional package adds no additional fee at all. This means you only pay for the number of Nodes you use, however, you receive only email support and no SLA.


The Business package gives you a guaranteed SLA of 4 hours 24x7x365 and 90 days of data retention.


The Enterprise package gives you a guaranteed SLA of 1 hour 24x7x365, a year of data retention, and consultancy with Nova engineers for your deployment and design.

Monthly Billing

Monthly Billing is the default and the easiest to understand. You choose your Base Package, and the number of Nodes you will run, and you are charged that amount on the 1st of the month each month until you cancel.

For example, if you have 4 Nodes and the default Professional package it will be $396 per month. If you have 10 Nodes and the Enterprise package it will be $3990 per month.

Usage Based Billing

Usage Based Billing divides the Node per month price ($99) into a price per hour (~$0.13). These are called Node Hours, and your bill will be based on your Node Hour consumption. This is especially useful when autoscaling as you only pay for Nodes when they are being used. If you integrate Nova into your CI/CD you can save money as well, etc.

By example, if you have 5 Nodes that are on all month your Node usage would work out to $99 * 5 = $495. If you then additionally had 2 Nodes on for 1 day in the month, it would add on $6.24 additional to the bill.

You may set a limit when you use Usage Based Billing in order to ensure you never go over a certain number of Nodes.