First Deployment: Adding an ADC

An ADC or Application Delivery Controller is a Layer 7 Load Balancer with HTTP and SSL acceleration, Web App Firewalling and other security features. Think of ADCs as Load Balancers on steroids, with a specific focus on websites and applications. On Nova standard load balancers (TCP, UDP, etc) are also called ADCs.

Creating your first ADC

To add an ADC you must first add a Backend. Go to the ADCs -> Backend page and click Create to add a new Backend.

We recommend using the "Simple" backend type for your first ADC as it allows you to specify the IP addresses and ports to load balance.

Now that you have a Backend, you can go to the ADCs menu item and create a new ADC in the same way. Choose the ADC type that you require and follow the configuration instructions on the page. For more help, see the ADCs or Backends section of the documentation on the left.

Attach your first ADC

At this point you have a Node online and an ADC and Backend created. You can now click the Deploy button next to your new ADC on the ADCs page and link the ADC to your Node.

This will automatically take any configurations required and put them on the ADC. You only need to do this once as it is linked after this, and all changes will automatically apply to your Nodes.