First Deployment: Adding a Node

Nodes on Nova ADC are installations of the Nova Client on VMs, Servers, or inside Containers. They are systems that are controlled by Nova ADC in order to deploy ADCs, and run on your hardware or cloud accounts and ultimately become your ADCs.

When you add a Node you are actually creating a Name, UUID and Secret Key for a Nova Client to identify as. These will be passed to your containers, or saved in your config file on VMs and Servers.

Creating your first Node

Navigate to the Nodes -> Nodes menu item. On the bottom of the page you can enter a Node Name and click Create to make your first Node.

This will take you to the installation instructions page. If you would like to learn more about Nodes visit the Node Management docs.

Install your first Node

Now that you have created a Node you will be given installation instructions. The two easiest options are:

  • Existing Linux server: use the Ubuntu Linux installer on an Ubuntu system, or, run the Docker Installation for other Linux variants.
  • New VM server: use the VM images provided on the page.

If you are deploying into a cloud environment (DigitalOcean, AWS, Azure or Google Cloud) then consider adding the Clouds under Providers and deploying automatically from there.

Once installed you will see the Node will change to online.