Nova ADC's automatically insert the X-Nova-Country header to allow your upstreams to tell which country the client connected from. We use a 2 character country code for thing, e.g. US, ZA, GB, etc.

This site or product includes IP2Location LITE data available from

Default Allow

In Default Allow mode Geofencing will block users from the country list you provide. In the example image below, all users from Russia and China will be denied access to your ADC, and the upstreams behind it.


Default Deny

Opposite to the above, Default Deny will prevent all users from accessing the ADC and it's upstreams, except for the countries in the list. In the below example only users from the United States will be able to access the service.


Geofencing Use Cases

Geofencing allows you to prevent abuse from a country that you may be suffering a brute force or DoS attack from. Conversely, it allows you to only allow a specific country in the event that you know all your users are from a set of locations.

Remember that geofencing is done via country based IP lists, and is not an exact science. There can be incorrect ranges.

Sanction Enforcement

It is very easy to enforce sanctions using the Nova ADC Geofencing function. For example, US companies may want to set it to Default Allow, but block access from Iran, Syria, Cuba and Sudan. You can easily apply these rules on your ADC and prevent all access from those locations.