Installation via Helm

Nova can be installed using a Helm Chart. You can download the yaml easily when adding a Node, and follow the guide below.


Refer to prerequisites and the sample nova.yaml.

$ helm repo add nova-helm
$ helm repo update
$ helm install <release_name> -f nova.yaml nova-helm/nova


There are several requirements to be able to launch your Helm chart.

  • Setup a Nova Node on
    • Create a node on Nova ADC OR
    • View the install instructions on an existing node ( by selecting the dropdown and selecting "Install"
  • On the right pane you will find a nova.yaml file generated specifically for your node
  • Edit port mappings for the deployment and service as required in the nova.yaml file.


3 Kubernetes elements are created:

  • A Namespace following the following convention: $release_name-nova-ns
  • A Deployment with a single replica using the novaadc client container
  • A Service with type LoadBalancer

Sample nova.yaml

Make use of the below as input during the installation and pre-requisites step. You can also download a premade yaml file with your nodes details in on the Node installation page.

replicaCount: 1

  repository: novaadc/nova-client:latest
  tag: 0.1.0
  pullPolicy: IfNotPresent

  # Specifies whether a service account should be created
  create: false
  # The name of the service account to use.
  # If not set and create is true, a name is generated using the fullname template

node_id: <Refer to Pre-requisites>
node_key: <Refer to Pre-requisites>
host: ''

deployment_port_map: # Port mappings for the kubernetes deployment
  #port 1080 is used for Nova traffic
    containerPort: 80
    protocol: TCP
    containerPort: 443
    protocol: TCP

service_port_map: # Port mappings for the kubernetes service
  #port 1080 is used for Nova traffic
  port80:  # Map object
    name: 'port80' # Name of the service port
    port: 80 # Maps to the port value of the service
    targetPort: 80 # Maps to the targetPort value of the service
    name: 'port443'
    port: 443
    targetPort: 443