Installation via Image

The preferred method of deploying a Nova node is via docker, cloud marketplace or VM image. This allows you to quickly be up and running with a prebuilt and optimized version of a nova client. You can also install nova on any existing Linux server.

Installing on Docker

For docker and platforms like Kubernetes you can use the Nova client image. The Nova docker image is novaadc/nova-client. You must set your node key when running!

sudo docker run --network=host --cap-add=NET_ADMIN --restart=always --ulimit nofile=90000:90000 -d -t -v /etc/nova:/etc/nova -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -e NODE_ID='YOUR_ID_HERE' -e NODE_KEY='YOUR_KEY_HERE' -e NODE_HOST='' novaadc/nova-client:latest

You must replace YOUR_ID_HERE and YOUR_KEY_HERE with your real node key, which you receive after adding the node.
You can also go to Manage under Nodes and then the Install menu option for your Node to see the key (see screenshot below)


For Kubernetes you can use the same image. In your yaml configuration make sure to set the environment variable for your node key. Below is an example:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: nova-example
    app: nova-client
  - name: nova-client
    - name: NODE_KEY
      value: "YOUR_KEY_HERE"
    - name: NODE_ID
      value: "YOUR_ID_HERE"     
    - name: NODE_HOST
      value: ""      
    image: novaadc/nova-client:latest
    imagePullPolicy: Always
      - containerPort: 1080

Installing Virtual Machines

Nova provides VM images for all virtual machines, including VMware and Hyper-V.

More info coming soon.

Installing Cloud Images

Nova has pre-made marketplace images available on Amazon AWS as well as Azure. We recommend linking to your Cloud account and allowing Nova to self deploy rather.