Node Monitoring

Nova has a flexible and customizable health monitoring system for nodes. This allows you to customize alerts based on various metrics, and receive those notifications via webhook, Slack, or email.

Creating Monitors

Visit the Nodes - Monitors menu item to add new Monitors. Once you click the Create button you will be guided through the new monitor wizard.

Here you can set the Metric you want to monitor, and what to compare it against. Below are some examples of basic monitors to create.

CPU usage is over 80%
Memory usage is over 70%
Connections are under 10

You attach monitors to Tags. This functionality allows you to monitor many nodes with a single rule. You can have any number of tags on a Node, and any number of tags attacher to a Monitor.


Enabling Webhooks for your organization lets you specify a webhook url where notifications will be posted to. That url will receive a JSON payload that looks like the below example:

    "node" => Node_Name,
    "monitor" => Monitor_Name,
    "text" => Monitor_Text

You can then process the alert as you see fit.


Enabling Slack notifications will have Nova send a message to whichever Slack channel you choose on your Slack webhook. Below is an example:

*Nova Monitor Alert*
*Node*: testThree
*Monitor*: Low connections warning

Total connections is less than 5. Current value: 1

You can only use one Slack webhook at a time, and it is configured under your Organization Options.


Nova uses all user email addresses on an account for notifications. If you want to disable receiving notifications you can do so under your User Options page.

That address will then receive notifications, including Monitor alerts.