Node Management

Nodes on Nova ADC are installations of the Nova Client on VMs, Servers, or inside Containers. They are systems that are controlled by Nova ADC in order to deploy ADCs.

When you add a Node you are actually creating a Name, UUID and Secret Key for a Nova Client to identify as. These will be passed to your containers, or saved in your config file on VMs and Servers.

Management Overview

When you view your Node list you can easily see CPU, Memory, Connections and the Status for each Node. Clicking on the 3 dots gives you a menu per Node, which allows you to get additional information, as seen below.


Node Health

The Node Health view gives you a summary of the servers status, and some information about the platform.


This easy overview is useful when checking for any load issues, or the general stats of a Node, and is live.

Node Telemetry

The Node Telemetry view allows you to see historical information about the health, performance, and usage of your Node. You may also wish to use the Grouped Telemetry to see all of your Nodes on one graph, or based on a specific tag. This allows you to easily see spikes on certain nodes or anomalies.