NovaSense integration

Nova ADCs support pre-emptive threat blocking via NovaSense. You can optionally add an API key from the platform to integrate with it.

About NovaSense

NovaSense is the Snapt threat intelligence center, and provides insights and tools for pre-emptive threat protection and attack mitigation. NovaSense protects clients of all sizes from attackers, abuse, botnets, DoS attacks and more. To learn more about NovaSense visit the website.

Using with Nova

Nova ADC's can integrate with NovaSense by entering a NovaSense API key in the ADC configuraiton for HTTP or SSL ADCs. You may then block content based on one of 4 categories:

Name Description
Threats Threats are hosts that have attempted to exploit, brute force, or execute a denial of service attack. These are often compromised hosts, and can generally be blocked.
Abusers Confirmed spammers, comment spam, link spam, abusive crawlers, DoS and DDoS attacks and other miscellaneous abuses. Typically safe to block, but can have limited false positives.
Botnet Known botnet and C&C servers, a smaller list of confirmed active botnet systems to be blocked at all times. These have responded with a valid botnet C2 response.
Malware Systems that are infected with or involved in spreading malware and ransomware. Typically blocked on incoming firewalls but also useful on ADCs.

You may also choose to redirect blocked users to a NovaSense block page explaining why they were blocked, or, to block them normally like a WAF block would appear with your own customizable errors.