Nova is a cloud-based (or on-premise) SaaS application delivery controller. It provides provides the same level of service you expect from traditional ADC (load balancing, acceleration, WAF), but from a central, cloud-based control panel. Nova is designed for massive scale: it can handle thousands of ADCs per client, auto-scale, and more.

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There are several introductory principles you should understand to use Nova effectively. We will cover these here. For help on a specific topic please use the navigation options to the left.

What is an ADC?

An ADC is an application delivery controller. Historically a hardware device, lead by players like F5, A10, and Citrix, the market was known as "load balancing". Once more functionality began to be added to load balancers, like web acceleration and firewalling, they moved into the category now known as ADC.

An ADC is the point of entry to a service or set of services that require high availability and/or high performance.

The core of the ADC is load balancing - monitoring your servers and efficiently dispatching incoming requests to a pool of backends, such as web servers.

What is Nova?

Nova is a cloud-based system for deploying and managing ADCs in different environments. A small business may use Nova to deploy a single ADC into AWS, their on-premise VMware installation, or any custom Linux device.

A large organization can use Nova for running and controlling ADCs at scale - in multiple clouds, multiple AZs, and with many ADCs deployed. Nova allows the control of thousands of ADCs at once, making it easy to manage micro-service, cloud-native or hyperscale deployments.

Nova terminology to know

Below is a glossary of terms that are important to understand to use Nova.

Term Meaning
Nova The cloud portal is often referred to simply as Nova.
Node A single Nova client or endpoint - typically a container, VM, cloud or single hardware instance.
ADC A deployment of a Nova ADC on one or many Nodes.
Recipe A custom script or command that you can manually run on one or many Nodes.
Backend A set of IPs, or description, for where to send data from an ADC.