Supercharge your website

Nova ADCs include powerful web and SSL acceleration to help your servers scale and ensure your website loads as fast as possible.

Core Components

HTTP/S Acceleration

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SSL Acceleration

Nova ADC can offload processing SSL encryption from your webservers, allowing them to focus on generating the site. Nova is faster, and more secure as well!

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Powerful Telemetry

Nova monitors far more than TCP data. We look at request rates, HTTP error rates, HTTP POSTs, known vulnerability endpoints and much more to ensure your servers perform quickly for real users.

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Object Caching

Nova ADC will store frequently used objects (images, CSS, JS, fonts) in memory, ready to reply instantly to requests for them without loading your servers.

Decrease your load times

Acceleration Features

Security included

Nova ADCs include A+ rated SSL termination and re-encryption, instantly protecting you against loads of wasted requests.

Dynamic Rate Limiting

Easily rate limit bots, scrapers and denial of service attacks up to 2 million packets per second per node.

Object Caching

Nova ADCs can store static content in memory to reply instantly to clients, automatically managed by Nova.


Nova profiles and detects anomalies in app telemetry, like latency, HTTP error rates and blocked pages.


Nova will upgrade your HTTP requests to HTTP/2 which performs much faster and is favoured by search engines.

Automatic Headers

Nova ADC will rewrite your content headers to ensure they are properly accessible by users.

Nova ADC is next-gen

Learn about the Nova ADC platform, and why 6 of the 10 biggest banks in the world are clients.

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