Autoscaling ADC

Automated ADC scale-in and scale-out, without physical limitations and across clouds and containers: this is hyperscale ADC. The ability to handle any amount of traffic, while only provisioning what you need and paying for what you use.

Scale with Nova

Ready for anything, anytime.

Nova ADC allows you to handle massive bursts of traffic as they happen, and integrates directly with your cloud or container platforms.

What is Autoscaling?

Autoscaling changes ADC from being a server to a service. You can provision a new autoscaler, with a minimum and maximum number of ADCs to run, and Nova ADC will automatically launch servers as your traffic requires. This allows you to scale up automatically during busy times or bursts, and minimize costs during quiet times.

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Core Components of ADC Autoscaling

What are the important features allowing autoscaling with Nova?

  • Native API

    Nova ADC links directly into your cloud and container platforms to be able to provision new VMs or containers to scale, or to shut them down as needed.

  • Service Discovery

    Nova ADC supports service-discovery backends in order to dynamically adjust the upstream servers for the ADCs load balancer, letting you autoscale your upstreams.

  • AI Automation

    Nova handles scaling-out and scaling-in automatically using it's advanced telemetry data from the existing Nova ADC devices.

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Easily create Autoscale Load Balancers to address bursts and minimize costs.

Nova Cloud allows you to easily deploy autoscaler ADCs to cloud and container environments, intelligently reacting to traffic patterns and handling bursts of data, and peaks.

Nova Autoscalers support all the ADCs of the normal Nova ADC and can be deployed to multiple locations as well.


No More Manual Intervention

Remove the need for human interaction as you scale out your infrastructure.

Nova ADC can automatically detect autoscaled upstream servers behind the ADC, and can self-scale to handle incoming traffic. Static infrastructure is dying, and Nova is your path to enabling true agile ADC.

Nova ADC can add thousands of ADCs within minutes, and automatically direct traffic to them.

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