Intelligent Security for critical websites

Nova ADCs include the powerful Nova security suite, protecting against DoS, threats, botnets, and application attacks, and powered by ML.

Layer 7 HTTP/S Security

Core Components

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Total Visibility

Nova Nodes are in constant communication with the Nova Cloud, allowing detailed and instant monitor and reactions to threats. This closed loop design allows us to detect and prevent threats.

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Powerful Telemetry

Nova monitors far more than TCP data. We look at request rates, HTTP error rates, HTTP POSTs, known vulnerability endpoints and much more to determine the likelihood of a threat in real time.

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Nova's Machine Learning engine profiles your ADCs and the servers behind them, learning how they behave, and what should be considered an anomaly. These anomalies cause alerts, and actions.

Security in milliseconds

Security Features

Security included

Nova ADCs include A+ rated SSL termination and re-encryption, instantly protecting you against majority of modern threats.

Dynamic Rate Limiting

Easily rate limit bots, scrapers and denial of service attacks up to 2 million packets per second per node.

POST Protection

Nova ADCs automatically limit brute force attempts against login pages, form submissions, and more.


Nova profiles and detects anomalies in app telemetry, like latency, HTTP error rates and blocked pages.

Scanner Detection

Detect vulnerability scans automatically and proactively block or honeypot the offending hosts.

Shared Security

Share data among all your nodes near-instantly, block an IP on thousands of ADCs within 300 milliseconds.


HTTP/S Security Focus

Easily configure advanced HTTP/S security features for your critical services.

With the click of a button Nova can limit brute force and DoS attacks, stop scanners and scrapers, provide A+ SSL encryption and monitor your infrastructure.

Imagine a platform that alerts you within milliseconds of an attack, and blocks it automatically.


Best Practices, Automated

Automatically and transparently alter the traffic as it leaves your network to ensure maximum security.

Processing over 12,000 SSL TPS Nova ADCs can automatically secure cookies, add stricter headers, prevent referrer leaking and much, much more.

Nova is built for HTTP/S performance, scalability, and security.

The safest DNS network available

Included with Nova are Nova Destinations, a massive global DNS service capable of mitigating 200Gbps of DNS traffic.






Gbps Capacity


Peered ISPs

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