Nova ADC Community edition.The most powerful ADC: Load Balancer, WAF, GSLB

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Free Load Balancer

Nova ADC is a powerful load balancer and web accelerator, and it's free for up to 5 installations!

Nova ADC

Powerful load balancing, acceleration and web security at scale.

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Cloud Managed

Cloud controlled, dynamic ADC from a single pane of glass.

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Dynamic and intelligent GSLB for hyper-scale multi-cloud deployments.

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What's the catch?

Free Load Balancer

Nova ADC allows you to deploy and manage your first 5 Nova Nodes for free, forever. A single Nova Node can provide load balancing for over 100,000 Layer 7 requests per second.

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Active Nodes

Current Nodes live on the Nova ADC platform.

ADC for DevOps

Nova is a hyperscale-ready, centralized platform for deploying, controlling and monitoring ADCs at scale

Once you start to scale your services you will need to worry about three main problems: visibility, performance, and reliability. These are the jobs of an ADC, but the current ADC's in the market don't "fit" in a modern deployment.

Enter Nova, purpose built for DevOps and agile teams, with centralized management from the cloud, automation and application telemetry and visibility.

All-in-one ADC Platform

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Scale better, integrate easily, use our easy and powerful interface, and deploy your perfect ADC.

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