Hyper-Scale ADC

Automated ADC scaling without physical limitations and across clouds and containers: this is hyperscale ADC. The ability to handle any amount of traffic, while only provisioning what you need.

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The new way to ensure application delivery

Nova is ADC for the next-generation of deployments, products and DevOps engineers.

What is Hyper-Scale?

Hyper-scale means automated, on-demand scale-out and scale-in for your services, servers, apps, and platform.

By example, Nova ADC can automatically launch new cloud instances when required. If you have 2 ADCs in US West and 2 in US East, Nova could launch 20 more in each location in under 30 seconds. The decision to do so is powered by Nova's Machine Learning Engine, allowing rapid and intelligent decisions without intervention.

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Core Components of Hyper-Scale

What are the important features allowing hyperscale?

  • Native API

    Nova ADC links directly into your cloud and container platforms to be able to provision new VMs or containers to scale.

  • Service Discovery

    Nova ADC supports service-discovery backends in order to dynamically adjust the upstream servers for the ADCs load balancer.

  • High Performance

    Nova ADC provides over 100,000 Layer 7 requests per second on a single container, making Nova the lower cost/request load balancer by magnitudes.

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Nova has partnered with leading platform and tech visionaries in order to ensure the best experience and support in high-performance cloud and cloud-native environments.

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