Nova ADC How does it work?

Nova ADC is a cloud management platform for the deployment, management and monitoring of ADCs across public and private VMs and containers.

Nova runs everywhere

Nova runs anywhere

Part 1: Remote Control

Nova provides a thin client binary that runs inside your container, VM, or Linux OS and enables the Nova Cloud Platform to control it remotely, known as a Nova Node.

This patent-pending lightning quick communication technology allows us to monitor the system, deploy ADCs and check network health from the client. Nova is able to control millions of devices simultaneously and in milliseconds, which is why we are known for scale!

Part 2: Integration and Service Discovery

Nova understands that platforms are dynamic, and allows you to integrate directly with cloud providers and container platforms to launch new Nodes dynamically to scale-out.

We use the data from your VM, Cloud and Container platforms when provisioning ADCs in order to scale dynamically and use service discovery to find your backends.

Part 3: ADC as a Service

You can then provision ADCs to run on your Nodes. These are seen as a service, which can grow and shrink as needed, and dynamically readjusts to any changes in backends.

You can monitor the deployed ADC from the Nova Cloud Platform at any time, live and interactive, thanks to our powerful patent-pending communication technology.

All-in-one ADC Platform

Watch our ADC overview video [10 minutes] to get a real feel for how it works, or sign up for your own community account and set it up in minutes!

Scale better, integrate easily, use our open DevOps-friendly REST API, and deploy your perfect ADC.

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