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Nova deploys ADCs into cloud, VM and container environments. The Nova ADCs are powerful Layer 7 load balancers, web accelerators and firewalls.

Layer 7 Application Delivery Controllers

Core Components

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Intelligent Load Balancing

Powerful load balancing with service discovery, SSL termination, health checks and performance limits. Nova ADCs can reach over 100,000 HTTP requests per second on basic hardware.

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Powerful Telemetry

Monitor application latency, error rates, throughput, users and much more. Detailed Layer 7 telemetry and alerting allows you to understand and react to traffic.

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Security & Scalability

Secure yourself against scraping, bots, DoS, brute force and more. Nova ADCs can scale out automatically to many locations or active endpoints.

Build your Global ADC Network

Deploy into multi-cloud and datacenter environments easily and quickly, while having Nova route traffic between your datacenters. Destinations are powerful Nova powered intelligent DNS addresses that allow auto-scaling, traffic routing, disaster recovery, multi-cloud routing and much more.

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Monitor your platform

See your ADCs as a a whole, or in your customized groups. View telemetry, reports and data in a powerful "single pane of glass". Nova removes the value of the data-plane, instead storing it in the control-plane, able to launch into any environment.

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Secure and protect your apps

Nova lets you easily protect backends against DoS, brute force, web scraping and more. The powerful load balancer understands your apps and when the backends are failing or struggling and reacts. Easily scale-out or scale-in as you see fit.

Security Features

All-in-one ADC Platform

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Nova Highlights

Top ADC Features

Security included

Nova ADCs include powerful security options for locking down your application. Learn more.

Application templates

Nova comes pre-packed with templates for HTTP/S, Exchange, RDP, SSL acceleration and much more.


Nova ADCs include SSL acceleration, object caching, compression and many other HTTP/S acceleration technologies.


Nova allows you to monitor detailed app telemetry, like latency, HTTP error rates, and more.

Deploy Anywhere

Nova ADCs can run in any container, any cloud, and on any VM. You can use your own custom Linux!

24/7/365 Support

Nova provides global 24/7 support for all active clients, and has SLA support available.

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