Powerful and intelligent GSLB Nova Destinations

Destinations are powerful Nova powered intelligent DNS addresses that allow auto-scaling, traffic routing, disaster recovery, multi-cloud routing and much more.

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Design a resilient global network

Resilient DNS

Nova's best-in-class DNS network has 25 network POPs on 6 continents to ensure you get the best performance — any time, anywhere.

Auto-scale Ready

Destinations allow you to automatically scale out your ADCs easily and quickly, reacting in seconds to new infrastructure or offline datacenters.

Enable Multi-Cloud

Route users intelligently between cloud providers and handle disaster recovery or performance degradations at various locations easily.

Global GSLB Powered Destinations

Learn more about the Nova GSLB network and how Destinations can help you build better systems.


Easy and flexible configuration

Destinations are Nova managed GSLB endpoints which allow you to easily route traffic to multiple locations globally.

Handle disaster recovery and automatically route traffic to Nova ADCs, tags and Nodes as they scale in or out. Featuring Layer 7 health checks and intelligent routing, Destinations ensure you are online!

Destinations are included in all Nova packages.


Analytics and Responses

Get detailed statistics on your DNS zones and their performance.

This data is also fed into Nova in order to make routing and weighting decisions for your Nodes, and to prepare to scale out if needed.

Added to that, you can create, edit and retrieve statistics from Destinations via the Nova API.

The fastest DNS network available

Nova is ready for anything, and ready to protect your critical infrastructure and applications.






Gbps Capacity


Peered ISPs

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