Scalable, modern ADC Nova Platform Overview

Nova is the next-generation of ADC, built for modern application architectures and modern I&O and DevOps architects. By delivering leading-edge security, performance, and availability to companies at a massive scale Nova enables real east-west application architecture in VM, cloud and cloud-native deployments at a scale 10x that of the closest competitor.

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Layer 7 performance and security

The Nova ADC Platform

Nova consists of four integrated modules making it incredibly easy to deploy, scale, manage and observe any number of ADCs across multiple locations and cloud platforms including AWS, MSFT Azure, DigitalOcean and more.

NOVA CLOUD CONTROLLER - Cloud controlled, dynamic ADCs from a single pane of glass

The powerful heart of the Nova ADC platform the Nova Cloud Controller enables a centralized view into all your ADCs. Deploy, configure and monitor 1’s to 100’s all ADCs from one central control panel

NOVA ADC - Powerful load balancing, acceleration and web security at scale

The Nova ADC platform runs on any platform and cloud and features load balancing with service discovery, SSL termination, health checks and performance limits, autoscaling, centralized monitoring, and easy deployment.

NOVA DESTINATIONS - AI-enabled dynamic GSLB for multi-cloud or multi location deployments

Destinations are powerful Nova powered intelligent DNS addresses that allow auto-scaling, traffic routing, disaster recovery, multi-cloud routing and much more.

NOVA WEB APP FIREWALL - AI and Machine Learning WAF for application security

Nova ADC includes a powerful HTTP/S Web Application Firewall, protecting your systems against threats including the OWASP Top 10, DoS, data leaks and more.

Nova ADC Platform: Easily Scale from one to thousands of Load Balancers

Nova provides a centralized control-plane for managing anywhere from one to thousands of powerful ADCs.

Intelligent Design

Nova is easy to use and modern. Any DevOps or IT Ops user can jump right in, and it's extremely developer friendly.

Powerful Orchestration

Nova lets you easily and quickly deploy ADCs, and manage and monitor them, all from one central location.

Analytics & Telemetry

Nova is packed with analytics and reporting information. Understand your traffic and app performance like never before.

DoS Protection

Nova ADC automatically mitigates Denial of Service attacks, with flexible and ML-driven dynamic reactions to traffic.

Full WAF

Nova WAF provides a full OWASP protection suite, ensuring your site is PCI compliant and protected from threats.

Layer 7 Load Balancer

Powerful and intelligent full featured load balancing ensures your services are fast and online.


Centralized control and management

View and deploy all of your ADCs from one central control panel - the Nova Cloud.

Nova Cloud allows you to easily deploy and alter ADC configurations for single servers or for thousands at once. Added to that, you can see detailed statistics and reporting information for all your systems, combined into one easy to access user interface.

Nova Cloud enables ADC at scale.


Easy Yet Powerful

Nova is easy to use, not because it's simple, but because it's clever!

Nova Cloud lets you easily and quickly configure ADCs and deploy them to any location you wish. If you are new to ADC or a seasoned veteran you'll love the interface, and the fact that you can control it all via REST API.

An example? With Nova Cloud you can blacklist an IP range on 400 ADCs at the same time with the click of a button!

All-in-one ADC Platform

Watch our ADC overview video [10 minutes] to get a real feel for how it works, or sign up for your own community account and set it up in minutes!

Scale better, integrate easily, use our open DevOps-friendly REST API, and deploy your perfect ADC.

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