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Nova ADC includes a powerful HTTP/S Web Application Firewall, protecting your systems against threats including the OWASP Top 10, DoS, data leaks and more.

Deploy true, intelligent security for cloud-native and hyperscale applications.

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Web Application Firewalling

Protect your applications

DoS Protection

Nova ADC automatically mitigates Denial of Service attacks, with flexible and ML-driven dynamic reactions to traffic.

Layer 7 WAF

Nova WAF provides a full OWASP protection suite, ensuring your site is PCI compliant and protected from threats.

Central Orchestration

Control blacklists, whitelists, rulesets, rate limits and more across all your ADCs from one location.

Layer 7 performance and security

Intelligent Application Firewalling

Nova WAFs operate at Layer 7. That means intelligent, high performance security with incredible analytics, anomaly and threat detection. The Nova WAF protects against bots, scrapers, data leaks, spammers, SQL injections, XSS attacks, denial of service and much more.

  • Automatic A+ SSL: ensure your SSL is as secure as possible, keeping your users data safe.
  • Intelligent HTTP/S Security: Nova ADCs include the powerful Nova security suite, protecting against DoS, threats, botnets, and application attacks, and powered by ML.
  • Layer 7 WAF: Easy-to-use OWASP Top 10 protection for all your VMs, Cloud servers and containers.

What does this mean for you? Nova is a full, PCI-compliant WAF solution for your HTTP/S applications. From websites to APIs, online stores to media outlets, Nova ADC is designed to protect you against all threats.

Nova ADC is next-gen

Learn about the Nova ADC platform, and why 6 of the 10 biggest banks in the world are clients.


Easy and flexible configuration

Nova WAF can be enabled on any HTTP/S Nova ADC with a single click of a button, and is easy to use and manage.

Enable your DevOps and IT Ops teams to have precise control of security and monitoring of your modern infrastructure, including a full API for alerts, ruleset changes and more.

All Nova packages include the full Nova WAF, including the free ADC.


Detailed Logging and Analytics

Get detailed statistics and logs for your security.

This data is also fed into Nova ADC in order to make routing and weighting decisions for your Nodes, and to prepare to scale out if needed. Nova automatically profiles traffic to block bad-actors and prevent DoS attacks.

Understand your cloud-native web app's security.

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