Nova is a SaaS product, priced primarily on the number of Nodes you have. We also offer Enterprise licensing for large clients.

Nova Community Edition is free, and allows up to 5 nodes!

You can use and deploy as many ADCs as needed as a community user.

If you have over 5 nodes, or would like the premium features and support for the product you can choose to subscribe and pay per node. Once you need support, longer data retention, or enterprise features you can to upgrade to paid.

That's right, real, powerful ADC is available for free!.

Create a free Nova ADC account

Nodes can run any number of ADCs, a Node is typically a container, VM, cloud instance, or server.

Once you start paying for a Node, your account becomes a Paid account, and all Nodes are charged for as they all receive additional functionality, storage, etc.


per Node per month

Support and Performance Packages

Nova Community Edition does not include support, however, paid Nodes do include standard email support. There is additional business and enterprise level support available as a part of your package, which is priced below.

Users with more than 20 Nodes, or businesses looking for self-hosted or private instances, should contact us for pricing.

Community Professional Business Enterprise
Base Price
per month
$0 $0 $1000 $3000
Per Node
per month
$0 $99 $99 $99
- Email Email, Phone Email, Phone
- - 2-hours 30-minutes
Data Retention
account wide
7 days 30 days 90 days 365 days
Max Throughput
per node
1Gbps - - -
per node
1,000 - - -
Max L7 RPS
per node
1,000 - - -
2 1 per 2 Nodes 1 per 2 Nodes 1 per Node
Destinations QPS
GSLB queries/second
100/s 1,000/s 10,000/s 100,000/s+
Custom Errors
Logo, text, style
Access Logs
via syslog
WAF Geofencing
Allow & deny
Local Clustering
on Nodes

All our packages include

Get access to the next-generation ADC

Next-gen ADC Nodes

Nova is the next generation of load balancing, and all our packages include the full Nova client and featureset.

Intent Templates

Build your ideal ADC and then deploy it to any environment, at any time. Run your ADC in multiple clouds with one configuration.

Full Documentation

Nova has detailed technical documentation and all paid packages come with support at varying levels.

Full API Access

Nova can easily be controlled via API, for automation, CI/CD, and much more. Paid packages have higher rate limits.

Web Application Firewall

Nova's powerful WAF protects your HTTP/HTTPS sites from DoS attacks, XSS, SQLi, and much more.

Monitoring and Anomalies

Be the first to know if any backends are slow, if your site is under attack, or if a services performance degrades.

Do you have questions

Not sure how Nova will work for you? Book some time with us to have a one-on-one chat.

These are the most common questions asked by our users.

No, we bill in Node hours. If your cost is 95$ a month and you run it for five hours in total through the month you'll be charged 63 cents, for example. This is very useful for scaling-in and scaling-out as well as CI/CD or test integration.
Primarily, this is support. We provide a guaranteed SLA and very high level of support on these packages. Additionally, we store your data for a longer period of time and provide additional functionality.
You can change plans any time you like! There is no lock in and if you want to switch to free you can whenever you need.
Yes! We provide it free of charge to enable small businesses to design and deliver their applications the way they need to in order to scale.
No, once you pay for one Node your account becomes a Paid account. This means you get additional data retention, support, more functionality on Nodes, etc. Remember, we bill by the hour so if you have QC, dev, testing Nodes you don't have to pay for the full month of usage.

Try Nova now... it's free to try or keep as a community user!

Start now!

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