Simple, scalable RDP & RDS

Nova ADC supports native, intelligent RDP load balancing and security for RDP, Remote Gateway, Connection Broker, and terminal servers.

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Architect better

Design a scalable, global RDP experience

Resilient Global LB

Nova's best-in-class GSLB network has 25 network POPs on 6 continents to ensure you are multi-cloud ready for no extra cost – it's all bundled in.

Layer 7 RDP

Nova ADC understands the RDP protocol and can speak to Connection Brokers, RDWeb and Remote Desktop Servers, and it supports user-based balancing.

Security & Anomalies

Nova's AI will monitor your RDP cluster for anomalies, brute force attacks, performance issues and more automatically.

Layer 7 availability, performance and security

Intelligent RDP load balancing

Nova ADCs understand the RDP protocol. That means intelligent, user-based load balancing with full support for modern RDP technologies. Nova supports:

  • Connection Brokers: load balance two (or more) Remote Desktop Connection Brokers
  • RDS Servers: load balance your Remote Desktop servers directly without any Brokers.
  • Gateway: you are using Remote Desktop Gateway (RDWeb), load balance secure HTTPS data

What does this mean for you? Nova is not just a TCP load balancer, forwarding data like a router. It's an intelligent, powerful and secure system that will ensure your users receive the best Remote Desktop experience possible, and that you can scale as you need.

Nova ADC is next-gen

Learn about the Nova ADC platform, and why 6 of the 10 biggest banks in the world are clients.


Easy and flexible configuration

With a few clicks you can deploy a Nova RDP ADC into your cloud, VM, container, or traditional environment.

Nova includes full global disaster recovery, powerful telemetry and analytics, as well as our AI-powered anomaly and threat detection engine to ensure your service stays online.

Level up your infrastructure with Nova, the most powerful load balancer in the world.


Analytics and Machine Learning

In modern DevOps visibility and analytics are far more powerful than simple load balancing.

Nova ADC analyzes and monitors every single request that gets passed to your RDP infrastructure, looking for performance issues, threats, or traffic spikes.

You can receive notifications via email, Slack, webhook and more, and can control the entire platform via REST API, including statistics retrieval.

Nova: infinite.

Nova ADC is the leader in modern ADC, and powers some of the largest businesses in the world. What will it cost you?

It's free for up to 5 ADCs!

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