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Nova is the first DevOps, micro-services and cloud-native ADC purpose-built for DigitalOcean users building modern apps. Far more than just a load balancer, Nova offers a full ADC suite - a supercharged load balancer, web accelerator and application firewall for Digital Ocean. Droplet discovery, automated deployments and more will level-up your Digital Ocean experience!

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Digital Ocean Load Balancer
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Resilient Global LB

Nova's best-in-class GSLB network has 25 network POPs on 6 continents to ensure you are ready for multiple Digital Ocean locations at no extra cost – it's all bundled in.

Digital Ocean API

Nova ADC integrates directly with the Digital Ocean API, allowing to you load balance based on Droplet Tags, and deploy ADCs automatically.

Security & Anomalies

Nova's AI will monitor your cluster for anomalies, brute force attacks, performance issues and more automatically. Get Layer 7 Telemetry with Nova!

Layer 7 availability, performance and security

Intelligent load balancing

Nova ADCs operate at Layer 7. That means intelligent, high performance load balancing with incredible analytics, anomaly and threat detection. Nova ADC is a supercharged load balancer for Digital Ocean, with far more functionality and features. Some highlights:

  • Tag-based Service Discovery: load balance based on Digital Ocean Tags instead of manual IP addresses.
  • Included GSLB: route traffic around the globe, and fail over to another Digital Ocean location if needed.
  • Security and acceleration: far more than just a load balancer, Nova offers a full ADC suite.
  • WAF for Digital Ocean: protect your servers with our powerful Layer 7 Web Application Firewall.
  • Autoscale ADC: dynamically launch and destroy ADCs to fit your traffic pattern through the day.

What does this mean for you? Nova deploys automatically into Digital Ocean. You can tell it to send traffic to your "webservers" tag and it'll discover their IPs automatically. It'll let you know HTTP reply times are slow suddenly, and can swap traffic over to another Digital Ocean location if one goes down!

Nova ADC is next-gen

Learn about the Nova ADC platform and how it integrates with Digital Ocean.


Easy and flexible configuration

With a few clicks you can deploy a Nova ADC into Digital Ocean.

Nova includes full global disaster recovery, powerful telemetry and analytics, as well as our AI-powered anomaly and threat detection engine to ensure your service stays online.

Level up your infrastructure with Nova, the most powerful load balancer in the world.


Analytics and Machine Learning

In modern DevOps visibility and analytics are far more powerful than simple load balancing.

Nova ADC analyzes and monitors every single request that gets passed to your droplets, looking for performance issues, threats, or traffic spikes.

You can receive notifications via email, Slack, webhook and more, and can control the entire platform via REST API, including statistics retrieval.

Nova: infinite.

Nova ADC is the leader in modern ADC, and powers some of the largest businesses in the world. What will it cost you?

It's free for up to 5 ADCs!

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