Cloud-Native ADC Service-discovery

Nova ADC supports automated service discovery for Kubernetes, Consul, Docker, Rancher, and many more.

Automated application delivery

Cloud-native service discovery with Nova

Nova ADC is a centralized orchestration platform for Application Delivery Controllers. Many scalable micro-services deployments today are run on cloud-native (container) based platforms, such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Rancher, and so on.

Nova ADC supports local, native service discovery for these platforms using intelligent DNS.

What does this mean for you? Instead of statically configuring backends you can dynamically adjust to send traffic to whatever contains are online for a defined service.

# dig -t srv
;; ANSWER SECTION: 30 IN SRV 10 25 8080 30 IN SRV 10 25 8080 30 IN SRV 10 25 8080 30 IN SRV 10 25 8080


Intelligent upstream hinting

On the left you can see an example of how Nova ADC integrates with cloud-native services to provide DNS-based service discovery, using SRV records. Natively supported by Kubernetes, Consul and more

The SRV record returns the weight (25), the service port (8080) and the servers to send the data to.

Learn more about this on our online documentation.

Layer 7 Application Delivery Controllers

What is required by containerized teams?

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Intelligent ADC

Telemetry, alerting, monitoring, acceleration and security for your business critical micro-services. Understand your performance!

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Easy REST APIs, automation, native container service-discovery and more enable your DevOps teams to properly scale.

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Sensible Pricing

A pricing model that makes sense in the micro-service and hyperscale world. Pay by use and from as little as 30$ per active ADC per month.

Nova is free for one ADC!

Nova is completely free for single deployments. Get started today!

Free ADC

Massive Scale for Cloud Native


Active Nodes

Current Nodes live on the Nova ADC platform.

ADC for DevOps

Nova is a hyperscale-ready, centralized platform for deploying, controlling and monitoring ADCs at scale

Once you start to scale your container platform you will need to worry about three main problems: visibility, performance, and reliability. These are the jobs of an ADC, but the current ADC's in the market don't "fit" in a large scale Kubernetes deployment.

Enter Nova, purpose built for large deployments, centralized management from the cloud, automation and application telemetry and visibility.

All-in-one ADC Platform

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Scale better, integrate easily, use our open DevOps-friendly REST API, and deploy your perfect cloud-native ADC.

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Easy to use

Nova is built for K8S and Docker

Easy REST APIs, open access, and plenty of developer resources allow you to explore and test at your will. Added to that, with our free account you have full API access, letting you build whatever you like without any cost!

Security included

Nova ADCs include powerful security options for locking down your micro-services. Learn more.

Application templates

Nova comes pre-packed with templates for HTTP/S, Exchange, RDP, SSL acceleration and custom TCP.

Service discovery

Nova ADC supports automated Kubernetes DNS based service discovery using SRV records for IP, port, weight and more.


Nova allows you to monitor detailed container telemetry, like latency, HTTP error rates, and more from your containers.

Deploy Anywhere

Nova ADCs can run in any container, any cloud, and on any VM. Manage K8S containers and AWS instances together.

24/7/365 Support

Nova provides global 24/7 support for all active clients, and has SLA support available.

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