Multi-Cloud ADC Global performance

Nova ADC can easily be deployed into any number of locations and managed centrally, with included GSLB.

Global by nature

Multi-cloud and Multi-site ADC with Nova

Nova ADC is a centralized orchestration platform for Application Delivery Controllers. With Nova you can deploy into any clouds (private or public) at the click of a button, and view your stats for all your cloud platforms together.

Nova integrates with your locations and allows you to manage the ADCs, configurations, GSLB and routing to them through the central application.

What does this mean for you? Nova ADC is the perfect solution for multi-cloud or multi-site load balancing and disaster recovery.

Complete ADC for multi-location distributed architectures

How does Nova work?

Nova Multi-site Diagram
Architect better

Design a resilient global network

Resilient DNS

Nova's best-in-class DNS network has 25 network POPs on 6 continents to ensure you get the best performance — any time, anywhere.

Auto-scale Ready

Destinations allow you to scale out your ADCs easily and quickly, reacting in seconds to new infrastructure or offline datacenters.

Enable Multi-Cloud

Route users intelligently between cloud providers and handle disaster recovery or performance degradations at various locations easily.


Centralized control and management

View and deploy all of your ADCs from one central control panel - the Nova Cloud.

Nova Cloud allows you to easily deploy and alter ADC configurations for single servers or for thousands at once. Added to that, you can see detailed statistics and reporting information for all your systems, combined into one easy to access user interface.

Nova Cloud enables ADC at scale.


Easy Yet Powerful

Nova is easy to use, not because it's simple, but because it's clever!

Nova Cloud lets you easily and quickly configure ADCs and deploy them to any location you wish. If you are new to ADC or a seasoned veteran you'll love the interface, and the fact that you can control it all via REST API.

An example? With Nova Cloud you can blacklist an IP range on 400 ADCs at the same time with the click of a button!

Serious Scale


Active Nodes

Nova is a centralized platform for controlling ADCs at scale. Deploy, manage and view hundreds of ADCs from a central location in minutes.

ADC for modern networks

Nova is a hyperscale-ready, centralized platform for deploying, controlling and monitoring ADCs at scale

It removes the value, cost and complexity in the data-plane and manages ADCs from a single deployment to thousands from its powerful control-plane.

Dynamic, self-scaling ADC deployments capable of massive scale and automation with a focus on the telemetry and quality of your services. Hyperscale-ready ADC that fits into the flexible fabric of applications and data.

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Global ADC At Scale

Watch our 10-minute demonstration to learn all you need to know about the Nova Cloud.

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